Organic Coffee

Dine-In Menu

Drip $2 or 3 for $5
Latte $3.80
double espresso shot, steamed milk, little foam
Cappuccino $3.80
double espresso shot, steamed milk, topped with foam
Mocha $4.50
double espresso shot, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream , cocoa powder
Americano $3.00
double espresso shot and cup filled with boiling water
Red Eye $6.00
double espresso shot and drip coffee
French Press/Pour Over $4.00

Organic Teas
All $3

Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Green Tea
(more teas to be added)

Take-Out Menu

Drip 12oz $3
Drip 16oz $3.75
All other coffees/teas add $1 to dine-in price for take out

Food Menu
Bread from local bakery, Baker's Table. Our meat is from a local Ontario Farm called Whispering Meadows.

Our food menu is being revised and more items to be added

Bagel with butter $2.25
Bagel with plain or garlic cream cheese $3
Cookies $1.50
Donuts $2